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Effectiveness of treatments

- Breathlessness with exertion - Cough and phlegm production - Tiredness - Cyanosis (a blue tinge to the skin) because of lack of oxygen - Barrel chest - Chest infection - Weight loss - Fatigue

Smoking causes emphysema because the chemicals in the cigarettes cause the alveoli to become inflamed and damaged. This causes the bronchioles to collapse when air is breathed in, making it very hard to breath properly.


People who are susceptible to Emphysema include: - Smokers - People who breath in a lot of dangerous pollutants or dusts such as builders at construction sites. - Relatives or friends of smokers who are exposed to secondhand smoke. - People who have it in their genes (only a small percentage of people).

Emphysema is a disease mainly caused by smoking that affects the lungs which are part of the respiratory system. Emphysema gradually damages the air sacs (alveoli) inside the lungs making the person short of breath. It causes the inner walls of the air sacs to weaken and eventually rupture, creating one large air space instead of many small ones. This reduces the surface area of the lungs and the amount of oxygen that reaches the blood. People who have emphysema become short of breath because when they exhale the alveoli don't work properly so the air becomes trapped, leaving no room for fresh air.

Risk Factors


Emphysema from smoking

Medications: - Bronchodilators: relieve coughing and shortness of breath by relaxing constricted airways. - Inhaled steroids - Antibiotics Therapy: - Pulmonary rehabilitation (breathing exercises) - Nutritional therapy - Supplemental oxygen Surgery: - Lung volume reduction surgery - Lung transplant.


What is Emphysema?

Who is Susceptible?

The main risk factor that contributes to emphysema's development is smoking. People who smoke are at the greatest risk of getting emphysema. Emphysema can also be caused by long-term exposure to certain industrial pollutants or dusts such as dust from wood, coal and mining products. Another risk factor is being around people who smoke and breathing it in.

Ways that people can reduce the risk factors of emphysema include: - Stop smoking and don't start smoking if they aren't already - Keep away from smokers when they smoke so that they don't breath it in. - Avoid breathing in industrial pollutants. - Wear the correct protective gear if working around dangerous substances.

Ways to reduce risk factors

Although emphysema can't be cured, these treatments can help relieve symptoms, prevent complications and slow the progression of the disease. The treatments are important because they help people with emphysema to feel more comfortable as the symptoms are very painful and discomforting.


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