Emperor Tamarin

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Emperor Tamarin


HabitatEmperor Tamarin were origionally found in South America. The Amizon Forest, Peru, Northern Bolivia, and Northwest Brazil. They like high grounds were they can be safe from most pretadors, they can also swing from tree to tree.They would rather be in the light. they enjoy 75-100 acers of open woods were they can do their own thing. they live in 85-90 feet in the air.

Eating HabitsEmperor Tamarin eat many different things, they are omnivores. Since they are omnivores they eat both plants and meat. Such as, small rodents, small insects, leaves, and their favorite... FRUIT! They mainly feed on flowers, fruit and nectar. Butterflys, spiders, and ants can also be part of their diet. Because of their size they do have pretadors, Snakes, wild cats, and hawks are emperor tamarins pretadors. When the babies are 7 to 4 weeks old they start feeding on solid food, but before that they drink their mothers milk.


Appearance Yes, they do have a mustache. Emperor Tamarins can be gray, black and a orangy- brown. Emperor Tamarin have small bodys that are about 9-11 inches when they are fully grown. At 10-14 ounces allthough they have very small bodys, there tail can be up to one foot long. Their tails are usually a orangy-brown. They have a long white droopy mustach that they grow when they are about 20 weeks, all of them even the females. Their skin type is fur like most othere animals.

FUN FACTSEmperor Tamarin are criticaly endangered of being extinct.They are the only animal with a mustache exept for some human.They are endangered because of habitat loss. Only breeds in April and July.8-15 year lifespan.4-5 weeks to genurate. Scientific name: Saguinus Impertor. Lifestyle: Troop. Named after a emperor of Germany.


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