Emperor Quin Shi Huang Di

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Emperor Quin Shi Huang Di

Who is Qin Shi Huang Di?


Qin Shi Huang Di was the Emperor of Ancient China during the Qin dynasty (221BC-206BC). Qin Shi Huang Di was born as Ying Zheng in 259BC, the son of the king of Qin state. When Ying Zheng became the king of Qin state after his father, he unified the warring states and became the first emperor of China. Ying Zheng, then, changed his name to Qin Shi Huang Di(Ducksters,2015).

Why is he famous?

Qin Shi Huang Di's most famous building projects were the Great Wall of China to protect the country from invasion from the north and his tomb with an army of terracotta warriors. Terracotta warriors and horses, which were made with the clay were significant because they all looked different. Qin Shi Huang Di also ordered the construction of the five major roads and bridges to link Xianyang with the rest of the empire and make trade easier (Anderson, 2012:188)

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Emperor Qin Shi Huang Di


259BC - Born246BC - Became the king of the Qin state221BC - Unified China and began the Qin dynastyc.218BC - Constuction of the Great Wall of China beganc.213BC - Ordered book burnings210BC - Died

His political powers

Emperor Qin Shi Huang Di strengthened his government's authority by standardising many aspects of everyday life. He: enforced a common coinage, oredered all households to be resistered for the taxation, introduced a single system of weights and measures, applied same laws and punishments throughout the whole China (Anderson, 2012:188).Also, Qin Shi Huang Di divided China in to 36 areas and sent three officials to govern each area.


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