Emperor Penguin

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Emperor Penguin

Emperor Penguin by Cameron King

SOMETHING SPECIAL: Penguins are perhaps the most popular birds on Earth, thanks to their incredible life cycles and charming appearance that makes them look like they are wearing a tuxedo. Penguins can survive sub-freezing temperatures and gale force winds, dive over 1600 feet deep, hold their breath for more than 15 minutes, and survive with no food for weeks by living off stored fat

ANATOMY/APPEARANCE:The average penguin stands 3-1/2' tall and weighs 65 lbs. Their black and white color makes them stand out on land and helps to hide them in the sea. Their white bellies blend them into the white sky and this makes them hard for their predators to see. Their dark black backs blend into the dark water.

DIET: Emperor Penguins are carnivores. They eat food such as fish,squid,krill,shrimp,and any other seafood around. Penguins have spiny throats so the fish get stuck and suffocate to death when they swallow them whole.

ADAPTATION: Penguins can adapt to their environment because they have blubber to keep them warm, webbed feet to swim fast to catch food, wings to help them dive into the water and have good eyesight under water to see their prey.

ENEMIES: There are several animals that eat Emperor Penguins. This includes great white sharks, along with certain species of seals as well. Leopard seals and large whales also eat Emperor Penguins as well.

LOCOMOTION: An Emperor Penguin can swim at a rate of 15 mph. This helps them to catch fish. They can tobbaggen on their bellies, if they're tired.Penguins also have wings but can't fly. The wings make them swim faster.

The Penguin's Name: Emperor Penguin means the largest penguin Scientific name: Aptenodytes Forsteri.

HABITAT & RANGE:Emperor Penguins live in the southern hemisphere; Antarctica. They live in the polar biome.


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