Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte

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Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte

for instance:- Russian Invasion - Spanish Invasion - Peninsula War- Battle of Trafalgar- British Opposition

for instance:- appoints himself first consul-amends the constitution to make himself ruler for life-sets up a plebiscite to make his appointment to emperor seem "fair"


sympathetic to Robespierre/supported Jacobin beliefs

When Napoleon's army was defeated by Horatio Nelson in Egypt, he kept the news of the defeat out of the press, in order to maintain his "hero" status.

for instance....- 1808 Napoleon put his brother on the Spanish throne-Napoleon gave his son the title "King of Rome"- married the Austrian emperor's daughter; Marie Louise

Protects his pride; even if it means hiding the truth from the French people

Put his relatives on the thrones of other countries to gain power

Makes rules to benefit himself

Napoleon fights in countless battles and wars, by the end of which almost his entire army has been killed

Napoleon used military force and threats to conquer other countries; many other European rulers were scared of him

This system also begins a dispute between Britain and France's ally, the U.S., leading to the War of 1812

The Continental System - Napoleon puts his allies in a difficult position, in order to harm Britain's economy

Napoleon continues to promise his people peace, but he continues to start wars because he always wants more land, and more power



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