Emperor Marcus Aurelius

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Emperor Marcus Aurelius

He was born into a wealthy family who was also politically strong. He enjoyed school and learned both Greek and Latin. He was very interested in Stoicism which was a type of philosophy. He was very hard working which Hadrian noticed. He was adopted by Emperor Pius Antonius. He worked with his adopted father learning about politics and the government.140 CE, he became consul. While serving as a consul he grew an interest in law. He married Faustina. He served as emperor with his brother. Versus (his brother) died while fighting against the Germans. He was murdered by his own soldiers.

His Quotes

Birth: April 26th, 121 CE in Rome, ItalyDeath: March 17th, 180 CE in Vindobona, Austria

"A man's worth is no greater than his ambitions.""Life is neither good or evil, but only a place for good and evil.""Each day provides it's own gifts."

Lasting Impact

He is remembered for his interest in Stoic philosophy.


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Empeor Marcus Aurelius


Birth and Death


By Nithila, Reva, and Cynthia

We think Marcus Aurelias was a good emporer that should've just stuck with being an emperor by himself, instead of being noble and sharing it with his brother.

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