Emperor Leo III

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Social Studies

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Emperor Leo III

Leo's first military challenge as emperor was to repel the Arab forces under Maslama. He was aided in he defest of the combined forces of trhe Arab army with the help of the Tervel.

Medieval Studies

Emperor Leo III

Founder of the Isaurian Dynasty

After destorying a movement with his own officers to restore Anastasius, he fixed his alliance with Artavasdor by giving him his daughter in marriage.

He earned tremendous popularity with all of his military successes and he hoped to captailize on this approbation to promote a program of religious reform.

He eventually reorganized the army, making the themes smaller so that no leader could gain to much power, stabilizing the military a whole lot.

Even though his life ended in 741, he left behind a stable army that was a proven fighting force; he had made a uniform codeof law; and he had solidified support from the military for the succession of his son.

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