Emperor Justinian

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Ancient History

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Emperor Justinian

Arts and ArchitectureHagia Sofia-Sophia means Wisdom in Greek -once a church later a mosque-loacated: Istanbul, TurkeyMosaic art- small peice of glass put together to make a picture

Code of Justinian-Code: 5,000 Roman laws still useful.-Codification of Laws: collected, revised organized Roman laws.-Digest: summeries of Roman;s thinkers on law.-Institute: textbook for law students.

Justinian For President

-Ruled from 527-565-Conquests of territories: Mediterranean land, Italy, Rome, Gibraltar, Gaul, Spain, and North Africa.- He created the Cyillic alphebet (was created as a script for the Orthodox Christians)

Theodora -His wife-used to be a poor girl- Made her his co empress-Met with forighn leaders and passes laws- protected women's rights

Education- Closed the Library of Alexandria-Closed the Academy of Athens-Costinople was now the center of learning-More than 330 teachers moved to the capital city


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