Emperior Scorpion

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by Shawnyboy4life
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Emperior Scorpion

Emperor Scorpian

Baby emperor

Emporior ScorpionBy:Shawn Wilkerson

About Emperor

General CharakteristicsBlackSlickHardHairy Clawsclaw like feet

After a scorpian wins a fight he eats the other scorpian

FeaturesLobester feelStingerPintchers8-2 pairs of legs

Fun Factsemperor scorpians sting barley/never ever kills a human.Most of them are used in movies.They are the biggest scorpian in the world.A stink is about the same from a bee sting

Emperor Scorpian

What they eatUssaly eat bugs-like Beetels,Crickets,orther flying insects.


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