[2015] Clayton Kinkel: Emotional Effects on People who are Homeless

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[2015] Clayton Kinkel: Emotional Effects on People who are Homeless

What we can do for this: I think that we play a BIG part of the emotional effects of the homeless. We can, for one, not look down on them. If you aren't, great! But if you are, you shouldn't. I think we are forgetting that these people have feelings. Real feelings like we do. So don't just look away and keep walking, do something for them. Little kids all over the world are homeless, and even though we help them, who are halfway around the world, we help them more often then the people in our same city. they could be an entirely different person, for better or worse, based on what we do.

I have found that some emotional effects on homeless people can be caused by the consequences of mainly loosing a family, and when people look down on them. When the consequences happen (This would happen to us to), they . . . wouln't feel very good. Most times this effects their behavior. This can include grief, anxiety, and more.

Emotional Effects


I think that I am the hands and feet of Jesus for the homeless, and so He inspired me to do this Glog. I have always felt like I need to do something for the homeless, and I think that God has given me those feelings.

-Galatians 2:10New International Version (NIV)10 All they asked was that we should continue to remember the poor, the very thing I had been eager to do all along.


Emotional Effectson people who are Homeless

What the Bible has to say


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