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Computer Science

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Emmie and Emma

Laptop Dissection

By: Emmie & Emma

Taking apart a laptop is difficult, and it requires a steady hand.

Timeline Of The Dell Laptop1984- Michael Dell founded Dell Computers1985-Dell Computer launches the turbo1987- Dell opens U.K. subsidiary1988-Dell stock opens at $8.50 per share1990- Dell opens its Limerick, Ireland manufacturing facility1991-Dell introduces its first notebook computer1992- Dell makes the Fortune 500 list1993- Dell launches subsidiaries in Australia and Japan1995- Dell shares climb to $1001996- Dell opens manufacturing facility in Malaysia1997- Dell ships its 10-millionth computer1998-Dell becomes the first company to record $1 million in sales via its website2000-Dell sells more than $50 million per day through its website

The Dell Laptop is like many other laptops. They only have a few differences. One of the differences is the company. All of the parts are typically the same. They have to have batteries and hard-drives. They all have the same parts even though some of them are more advanced than others. So, as you can see, the Dell Laptops are like other laptops.

Important People




Cracking and hitting it with a baseball bat.

The Dell laptop is like a puzzle. If all the pieces aren't there, then It won't work. It won't be complete.

Major Parts

The future of the laptop is most likely to be mostly tablets. Touch screen has mostly taken over laptops. Instead of keyboards, there will be other things like holograms.

The Dell laptop has many other uses than business related projects. You can listen to music, surf the web, and much more.



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