Emmett Till's Muder

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Emmett Till's Muder

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Before and after


Emmett and his mother

Emmett Till's Murder

"Oh, God. Oh, God. My only boy." Bradley insisted that her boy be displayed in an open casket so that viewers could see the gruesome damage inflicted by the murderers.

Bradley told reporters, "Unless an example is made of the lynchers of Emmett, it won't be safe for a Negro to walk the streets anywhere in America."

"I wanted the world to see what they did to my baby."-MamieTill

While Down in Mississippi Emmett till and his Cousin were visiting his uncle. Not knowing the appropriote way to speak to a white woman, due to him being from Chicago Emmett whistled at the white women, Carolyn Bryant,at Bryant's Grocery & Meat Market the local store. Thinking it was ok they went back to there uncles.

A few days later the womens husband and his half brother kisnapped Emmett from his uncles home.They brutally beat him, shot him, then they tied a cotten gin fan along with bobed wire around his neck and put him in the Tallahatchie River. Police found Emmetss body there and returned him to Chicago.

Quote from Emmetts mother

Quote from Emmetss mother

The story

Quote from Emmetts mother

"Approximately 250,000 persons viewed and passed by the bier of little Emmett Till," wrote The Defender, "All were shocked, some horrified and appalled. Many prayed, scores fainted and practically all, men, women and children wept."

Emmett Till's Murders

Bryant's Grocery & Meat Market


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