Emmett Till

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Social Studies
African-American History

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Emmett Till

Emmett Louis Till, also known as "bobo" was the only son and child of Mamie Carthan and Louis Till. The nickname "bobo" was given to him by a family friend. He was often the center of attention when he was around his friends or peers.

Emmett Till was a 14 year old African-American boy who was murdered August 28, 1955, in the Tallahatchie River in Mississippi for fliriting with a white woman.

Quote~ Leflore County Deputy Sheriff John Cothran stated, "The white people around here feel pretty mad about the way that poor little boy was treated, and they won't stand for this."

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Emmett TillBy Teisha Dewitt

In 1955, Emmett was tall and muscular, weighing about 150 pounds and was about 5 ft 4 in. Despite being only 14 years old, white people in Mississippi said he looked like an adult.

Till continues to be the main attention or focus of literature and memorials throughout the united states. A statue was unveiled in Denver Colorado in 1976 showing Till with Martin Luther King, Jr.



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