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Emma troutner

Belly, what were you thinking, you could have drowned. I had to go after you.

I love you, Belly

I feel so bad I was just really angry!

It's not a summer without you, is a book about a girl named Belly. She had a boyfriend then he broke up with her but Belly still had feelings. Belly's ex-boyfriend's brother likes her and she dosen't know. Belly has a crazy adventure hanging with these boys and finds out some interesting things!

The characters of my book:Minor: Susanna, Taylor (friend of Belly's), and Mr. Fisher(corad and Jers dad).Main: Belly,Conrad, Jereimiah (Jere),

My favorite quote out of the book is: I tilted my face toward the shower head and let the hot water wash over me! It is my favorite becuase it is very descriptive and when it says, and let the hot water wash over me, i can see her doing that. Pg.116

I think that Jenny Han wrote this book becuase she wants to show people mabey your true love may not be your true real true love.

Most of the setting i the book is Belly's house and at a place called cousins were they practicly grew up.

I would rate this book a 10 becuase it was super descriptive and is very interesting. It is a book were you read and i the begging you want to ditch it but then you get to a good part and you don't want to put it down!!!!!

I would recommened this book to anyone who likes to read about boy drama and family troubles!

My book is called It's not a summer without you! Fiction.

Other books by this author is the summer i turned pretty and we'll always have summer



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