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Eminem, of his real name Marshall Bruce Mathers, was born on October 17th, 1972 in Saint-Joseph. He is an author, a composer, a performer of Rap music but also a producer and an actor. Eminem is not only a solo artist, he also created the group D12. He released his first album in 1996 which was called ''Infinity'' but he was not very popular at that time. He became famous thanks to his second album ''The Slim Shady LP'' for which he received his first Grammy Award for ''Best Hip-Hop Album''. He won more than 240 Awards. He also acted in the movie ''8 Miles''

AchievementsEMINƎM won 244 Awards of his career ! 13 Grammy Awards ! His 1st Grammy Award is for his 2nd album ("Infinite") He won the Academy Award for Best Original Song, becoming the first rap artist ever to win the award!

TimeLine1972 - Eminem is born1973 - His father left the family1989 - Eminem drops out the school1995 - Eminem's and Kim`s daughter is born1996 - Eminem's debut album releases2002 - 8 mile, a movie starring Eminem, releases2010 - "Recovery" it's Eminem's latest album


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