Emily's Outsider Glog

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Emily's Outsider Glog

Cherry Valance(Staying Gold)

Dally Winston(Friendship)

I think that Darry Curtis is the true outsider of the group. It's like Two-Bit said: (I think it was Two-Bit) "The only thing keeping Darry from being a soc is us." It's really sad , because Darry deserved a better life, but he didn't get it through no fault of his own. I think that makes Darry an outsider, because no one understands that he is mourning for what he missed - the life he deserved.

I did Cherry Valance for staying gold because I feel like Cherry strived very hard for her innocence and tried to stay honest about how Bob got killed and everything. She was trying her best to be fair about everything that was going on and she wasn' t like the boys expected socs to be - she was honest and fair and helpful. I could kind of tell that she was torn, but she was making sure that she was honest and truthful. To me, that is gold.

The Outsiders

Darry Curtis(Social Ostracism)

I picked Dally Winston for friendship because of how he reacted to his friend Johnny's death - he got himself killed. It makes me so sad that he couldn't live without Johnny, so i think that makes him the ultimate friend. Johnny deserved a better life, but he couldn't have asked for better friends. :)



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