Emily's internet safty

by Carrie1989
Last updated 11 years ago

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Emily's internet safty

Having fun on the web

Welcome To Ms.Gofberg's Webpage On How To Be Safe On The Web!!!!!!!

1.When you go on a social network, make sure that you don't give out any infomation that may harm you in any way posible.....

2.Sometimes people lie about stuff, so, don't let anyone trick you... You may end up really sad or hurt!

3. If you get into a bad pisition, STOP what you're doing and ask an aldult, parent, teacher, or gurdian for help... Probly a gurdian or parent would be the best choice.

4. Make sure you're thinking about waht you're posting on the internet because once it's there you can never ever get it back!

5.Be very careful not to get stuck in a trap because people sometimes lie about them selfs online to trick other people into traps!!!

There are some really fun websites that you can go on. Just ask parents or teachers.

Just becuse people can be weird, it dosen't mean you can't not go on the internet.

Have fun on the internet! But remember to be safe!!!



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