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sofia showed an aptitude for math from a very young age; at only eleven,she studied her father's calucus notes that lined the walls of her nursery. Although her talent was evident, Sofia's father refused to nurture her love for the subject. Little to his knowledge was that Sofia secretely studied Bourdeu's Algebra at night.

Professor Tyrtov, a neighbor, gave the family a physics textbok he had written. He noticed that Sofia when working with the concept of sine, had used the same method by which it had developed historically. In order to leave her home and attend university, Sofia married; at the time, women were not allowed to leave their homes for extended periods of time unless given permissin by a father or husband.

After studying with numerous professors, Sofia received her doctorate. Unable to find work as a woman, Sofia instead began to write plays and raise a family with her husband, Vladimir. However, her true passion was math, so she had her sister adopt her child and she left her husband, who later committed suicide.



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