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Emily Murphy


How did Emily convince the government to consider women as people?How did Emily Murphy get her way and why?


Requested to the Alberta Court to consider woman as people also to get paid for work women do.

Emily murphy wanted to become a judge, but on her first day of applying for the job, she was told that she couldn't because she was a female, and women weren't considered persons according to section 24 of the BNA Act (rule book).

Without Emily Murphy and the rest of the Famous Five women most women wouldn't have equal rights to men.

Before Emily Murphy and the others stepped up to do what's best, women wouldn't be able to vote, run for office, have any authority over her own house, belongings, or children.

Emily Murphy, was born into the ferguson family in innisfil, Ontario in the year of 1868. emily was the 3rd child of 6. she grew up with her father Issac, her Uncle, her grandfather, and all 5 of her brothers. her entire family was highly involved in politics meaning Murphy grew up with a good knowledge and curiosity for that subject.

Emily Murphy was a member of the famous five along with Nellie McClung, Henrietta Muir Edwards, Irene Parby, and Louise McKinney. These people were the women that changed laws towards women and their rights, in the 1920's.

Allowed herself to be nominated for senate was rejected because she wasn’t considered as a person




Wrote Prime Minister Mackenzie King for an appointment to be senate, he ignored it.

Privy Council in London agreed that women were persons, but she was once again rejected for Senate

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Did you know, that in 1929, women in Canada weren’t considered “persons” under the law. Even worse, women in Canada were also not allowed from owning property. If a woman’s husband died, any property he owned was then owned by the nearest male relative or other male of his choice who would then look after the house. Canadian women were treated unfair from public office as senators.


Turned down once more for senate


Retired from judging & Cairine Wilson became first woman to be senate

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