Emily Le b1 The zookeepers wife

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Emily Le b1 The zookeepers wife

Two lynxs that the Zabinski's took care of in there home.

Jan and Antonina feeding a wounded bird.

The Zookeeper's Wife By: Diane Ackerman

Zookeeper's WifeThe zoo,The things I loveTaken away.Scaredof the Germans,but I was still helping the Jews.I hid them in my home and the empty cages In the zoo.I was lying To protect my familyAnd friends.Keeping The Jews Safe was Most important.

"She has a precise and very speacial gift, a way of observing and understanding animals" (page # 125).Antonina has a connection with the animals. This impacted her a lot since many of the animals were gone becasue of the German's.She started to understand the Jews and many of her other friends that helped in the Underground system.(Josh Cowan)

"She hated being confined to her bedroom... when there was a large houshold to manage..She was the top/ matryoshka" (page #180).Antonina was a leader and extrovert. Antonina being a leader impacted the zoo because when Jan, her husband, was away she would look after the people and the small animals.(David Li)

" Antonina loved to slip out of her human skin for a while and spy on the world through each animals's eyes, and she often wrote from that outlook, in which she intuited their concerns and know-how,including what they might be seeing, feeling,fearing,sensing,remembering" (page # 25). Antonina likes to experience different things and learn. This influenced her by helping the Jews and seeing more change in Poland.(Emily Le)

"She observes her surroundings and notices every little detail" (page #237).Antonina is smart and is a punctilious person. Being observant influenced Antonina a lot because she has done many things for the Jewish people. For example, she hides the Jews were the Germans will never find them, and if someone was Aryan like then she would help them be more like them with small details.(Madalyn Jones)



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