Emily Le 7th block

by erinstrange
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Emily Le 7th block

MishaStop thiefCuckooI'm a gypsyThere I lost my desireTo ride the beautiful horsesI'm not a JewRunYou're quickI want to carry itAngelsI amPoppynoodle

Quote "I want to be a jackboot someday."Explanation- Misha knows that jackboots are strong and tough so he wants to be just like themEmily pg 22


Quote "Fatman, it's me remember me and Janina, remember?"Explanation- Misha wants to be remembered Addison pg 197

Quote "Want a bite?"Explanation- Misha was being generous to everyone asking if they wanted a bite of his sausage but people turned him down or just ignored him. Chris pg 73

Quote "Stop, thief."Explanation- It shows that Misha steals food often, the only way he can survive is to steal food because he doesn't have money. Coby pg 1



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