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Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson By Jasmin Aquino

Born on December 10, 1830 in Amherst, Massachusetts. She was the middle child in her family. Her siblings were William Austin and Lavinia Norcross. As a child she enjoyed baking, reading, and gardening. Her first school was Amherst Academy for seven years now known as Amherst College. Which was built on hergrandfather's land. When she was older she went to Mount Holyoke Female Seminary for one year. After her schooling she moved back home to Amherst. Her closest friend/advisor was Susan Gilbert who was her brother's future wife. She died on May 15, 1886 from a kidney disease. The majority of her poems were published after her death. Now she is considered as one of the towering figures in American literature.

Amherst AcademyBuilt on Samuel Dickinson's land(Emily's grandfather) in 1814. It was known as one of the best private schools in the state.

Mount Holyoke Female SeminaryLocated eleven miles south of Amherst lie Mount Holyoke Female Seminary. The curriculum was based off of college studying.

''If I read a book that makes my whole body so cold, I know that is poetry.''

''Luck is not chance, it's toil; fortune's expensive smile is earned.''

Because I could not stop for death, He kindly stopped for me; The carriage held but just ourselves and immortality.


Because I Could Not Stop For Death


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