Emily Dickinson

by Hannahkbauer
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Emily Dickinson

Period: 4

Name: Hannah Bauer

ONE dignity delays for all,One mitred afternoon.None can avoid this purple,None evade this crown. Coach it insures, and footmen, 5Chamber and state and throng;Bells, also, in the village,As we ride grand along. What dignified attendants,What service when we pause! 10How loyally at partingTheir hundred hats they raise! How pomp surpassing ermine,When simple you and IPresent our meek escutcheon, 15And claim the rank to die!

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Born in 1830, Emily Dickinson rarely left her house and she rarely had visitors. However, her few visitors had a big impact on her poetry. She lived in almost complete isolation and spent lots of time with family. She admired the poetry of Robert and Elizabeth Barrett and Browning as well as John Keats. She was not publicly recognized during her lifetime.Scholars have speculated that she suffered from depression and anxiety. She is known for her poignant and compressed verse.

T-"One dignity delays for All"P- Speaking of funeral or soldiers going to war.S- Emily DickinsonF-One dignity delays for all- metaphorA- IronicS- Sad to celebratory lines 4 to 6T- All deaths should be celebratedT-All should be celebrated in death

Emily Dickinson was born in Amherst, Massachusetts and lived there her whole life. Therefore, she was an American poet. Based on evidence she wrote most of her poetry in her house or sent it in letters to friends. Other events occurring around her time included the Oregon Trail, the president Andrew Jackson was re-elected, and Florida and Texas recently became states.

To My GrandpaWho would have thought you would go so soon.With you being gone, my life is so gloom.I hate the fact you've gone away, but in myHeart, I know you'll stay.You taught me right, you taught me wrong.And with this knowledge I must go on.With hurt and pain in my heart,I do know that we'll never be apart.You made me laugh, you made me cry.With those moments, I will make it by and by.You are gone this I see,And I know you're in heaven watching down on me.I love you papa and I always will,but losing you is a great big deal.The suffering has ended and you've gone home.to sit with our Father on his throne.

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These poems relate. They both speak of death and the celebration of it and the sadness they go through. Both poets believe that people who pass away should have a celebration in their honor.


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