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Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson

Emily never married she spent almost her entire life in the home of her family. As she grew older she rarely left her house. Although she wrote 1,775 poems only seven were published during her life and those were published anonymously.

Born on December 10, 1830, in Amherst, Massachusetts Death on May 15, 1886

IF I SHOULD DIEby: Emily Dickinson (1830-1886)If I should die,And you should live,And time should gurgle on,And morn should beam,And noon should burn,As it has usual done;If birds should build as early,And bees as bustling go,--One might depart at optionFrom enterprise below!'Tis sweet to know that stocks will standWhen we with daisies lie,That commerce will continue,And trades as briskly fly.It make the parting tranquilAnd keeps the soul serene,That gentlemen so sprightlyConduct the pleasing scene!


This poem, is a poem to which everyone can relate to. It is about something that everyone will encounter sooner or later at the end of their life. This is death, the unescapable fact of our existence, most people have wondered about what would happend after they die. In this poem Emily Dickinson asks herself this question. The speaker seems to be worried about dying and about what they would be leaving behind. Im not sure who she is refering to with "you", but she seems to be worried and a bit sad about leaving this person behind. This "you" probably refers to the people she loves including maybe family. Emily Dickinson lists different things that are representative about life, things that most peole simply take for granted. Yet , when you may be in the face of death, such things become very meaningful beacause ypu feel that this are the things that you will miss. Yet, at the same time it makes the speaker feel calm to know that the world will continue to fuction and continue on after dying. It seems that she wishes that she didn't have to die and she tries to calm herself down just a little by looking at death as not the end but only a step in the process of life. This makes departing easier and gives it more sense.

Emily Dickinson never lived anywhere but Amherst and lived the last years of her life a recluse, writing poetry. After her death, her sister found hundreds of poems Dickinson had written, got them published, and Emily Dickinson's reputation grew from there, making her one of literature's most renowned poets.


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