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Emily Bronte

Main Parts of a story

Three of the main characters in the story Wuthering Heights are Ellen "Nelly" Dean (who tells the story), Heathcliff (the one the story mainly centers around), and Catherine Earnshaw Linton (falls in love with Heathcliff but chooses another and ends up hurting the both of them). These characters all face major and minor conflicts throughout the story.

Wuthering Heights takes place in or around neighboring houses on the Yorkshire moors, Wuthering Heights, and Thrushcross Grange. The person in which the story's point of view is from begins of telling a story starting in the 1700s, which then ends in 1802.


WutheringHeights by Emily Bronte


There are many symbols in a story. One of the biggest symbols in Wuthering Heights is the moors. The moors play an important part in establishing the mood in the story. The moors mostly represent danger and different characters have different ways of fearing the moors.


There are plenty of conflicts throughout the book Wuthering Heights. Some of the major external conflicts include a set up made to make Catherine choose between two men, Heathcliff marrying another (Isabella), and Heathcliff's strong language and actions. Major internal conflicts include Heathcliff changing himself and his personality to go from humble to snobby, Heathcliff's wanting for revenge, and Catherine being torn between love and desire to be a gentlewoman.

There are some stories that just have one theme. Most other stories though, have multiple themes. In the book Wuthering Heights, I found multiple themes such as "is the power of love strong enough to overcome the obstacles that come with it?" Some other themes I got out of this book were "could getting revenge make you truely feel better about yourself and your life?" and "what's more important, being the person you and everyone else wants you to be, or to follow your heart?" Another one of the main themes I found in this book was "how can suffering become a central occurance in a relationship with true love?"


Emily Bronte



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