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Emile Durkheim

Emile's father, Moshe, was a the Chief Rabbi of two departments (similar to states) of France, the Vosges region, and the Huate Marne area.Emile had two children with his wife named Lousie Dreyfus. A boy named Andre, and a daughter named Marie.Emile was a Republican (not a member of the American Republican Party though.) (That was a joke.)His son Andre, was killed in World War One in 1916.Emile earned many scholastic honors and attended several very prominent schools.Emile suffered a stroke during a speech which would prove fatal.


Born- April 15th, 1858.Married-1887.Died- Nov 15th, 1917, at 59.

Emile Durkheim is know as the father of the field of Sociology.Emile developed ideas on topics such as Anomie, Education,Division of Labor, Suicide, Social Facts, Deviance, and Religion.

Emile's Impact

Emile had a major impact in the world of Sociology. His work has influenced many people and studies in the field of Sociology and in any other fields he may have strayed into.


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Emile Durkheim

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