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Emerging Technology

Emerging Technology

Google GlassThe Google Glass is a wearable technology.It has a touchpad on the side and a camera, too. The Google Glass also comes in a lot of different colors. It has a screen in the upper left corner that can show you updates and directions. Google Glass has a lot of features, too. It can give you directions, call people, and take first person videos and photos. The Google Glass is still in beta and is on sale for the explorer edition which is not the official version. The cost of the beta version is 1500 dollars.

Oculus Rift-Type of virtual reality device-It was recently bought by Facebook and is the foreplayer in virtual reality.-There are over 170 games coming out for the device.-It gives you a 360 degree view of your virtual surroundings and allows you to go see things without getting up-There are many potential future uses for Oculus Rift (better video games, letting people who can'[t go to a certain place still experience things (roller coasters) and it could have great uses in training soldiers, nurses etc. - The consumer model is expected to cost from 200-400 $, but it is still in development. -They did release a development kit to let developers make games for Oculus Rift, though.

3D Printer3D Printers are a relatively new technology and they have printed everything from chocolates to couture dresses to even kidneys. They use software to print out a pattern which gradually turns into 3D shapes. They have a wide range of prices but it usually starts in the thousands depending on the size and purpose of the 3D printer. Many printers are already out, and even more are being developed.

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