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Emerging Technology

Emerging Technology

Virtual RealityVirtual reality is a new emerging technology, that is relatively new to the world of technology. The purpose of it is to make it seem your physical body was put right into the game you are playing, and make it look as real as posible. This new technology will put gaming to a whole new level. As of now, the most popular virtual reality console is the Oculus Rift. What they do to make their console is to get a pair of goggles, and put 2 holes in them to look at one image, making it look realistic. It also surrounds your field of vision, making it look like you are actually in that worldVirtual reality is also used as physical therapy for people that have lost limbs. By putting the Oculus rift on some patients, they put on a game that simulates the users movements making it look like that lost limb has returned. This helps the patient feel less pain and regain confidence.

Automotive TechnologyScientists and engineers, currently, are trying to make automobiles available to use on different terrains, like water and in the sky. This is suffistocated too, because one wrong thing in the car, and the car will fall out of the sky, or fill up with water and sink to the bottom of the water. This technology will help people to get places much faster, and cause less traffic in streets.

Google GlassThe google glass is a new technology in the world, that is very interesting. It has all the functions of the google website, but it's in the form a glasses. With theses glasses you can search things and people up, just by saying it. It has a GPS installed in it also. You can call people on it as well. This will help drivers, by not making them work as hard, and they will be able to focus on the road instead of looking constatnly at the road, or going on their phone and calling someone. Creators of Google Glass aren't even done with it, they are still adding on to it, making it even better everyday.

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