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Emerging Technology Project

3D PrinterThe 3D printer is a printer that is able to create objects from 3D drawings using various materials. The price range for a 3D printer is from $500-$4,500. The first 3D printer was released in the early 2000's.

Wearable technology can be described as anything that you are able to wear and is a form of technology, for example, a smart watch. A binary watch is a watch that allows the user to use certain apps that are used on smartphones. Some of the features that it has is that you can play music thorugh it, it has voice recognition, and, the most complex part, a digital watch. The cost of the G watch, one kind of smart watch is $199, and the release date was in June.

Wearable Technology

Google Glasses, obviously made by Google, are a pair of glasses with at small screen on the top right side of them. This screen is small enough so it is not in your way unless you are looking at it. For example, the user would have to do is say," Google Glass, search puppies", and then the glasses would search up puppies and show the user the results. The cost of the Google Glasses is $1500, but you can customize is to your liking, increasing the price. The release date was June 23.

Google Glasses

Virtual Reality allows the user to experience a virtual 3-D enviroment. The user is able to change the enviroment that they are in to anything they desire. Even though it feels real visualy, the user can not experience physical changes in the virtual reality. Many companies are trying to use virtual reality in modern video games. The price for the Oculus Rift V2, a virtual reality headset, is $350 and the projected release date is October 2014.

Virtual Reality

Gesture Recognition allows people to use technology without touching it. People use their whole body to allow the device to process their movements and to allow the person to use the device, for example, the kinect. The projected cost for the kinect is $100, and the release date was November 10, 2010.

Gesture Recognition

Emerging Technology Project

By: Max Bernato


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