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Emerging technologies

Design jet color 3d printer3d printing is a method to manufacture three dimensional solid objects.Uses ABS plastic to print the object.Compatible with windows 7,vista and xpCost:around $20,000release date: aldready out The video will give you a better understanding of how it works and how it has helped people.

Google Fiber

HD• Fast internet with clear HD quality imagesDVR• Can record more than 8 programs all at once and you don’t have to worry about storage because you have 2 terabytes!!!TV• Download the google fiber app and you can turn your phone into a remote control app• You can look for your favorite shows just by swiping the screen and watch it on ur TVContent • 150+HD channels and thousands of TV shows and movies in one placeOne terabyte to storage• A terabyte of cloud storage for all the google products that you like and enjoy usingCost:Gigabit + TV: $120/month + $30 construction fee

Google cars

Design jet color 3d printer


Samsung galaxy gear jet black

The myo senses your muscle movement and allows you to control your computer. The video will give a better understanding of how th myo armband works.You can pre order the myo armband for:$149release date: you can pre order now but the shippings will start later in september.

The google driveless car is a car that moves around without a steering wheel or pedals. A smartphone app will help the person tell the car where to go. Cost:more than $300,000Release date: arounnd 2020

It is a wearable watch that connects to your phone and it can do a series of thimgs like:-you can get notifications-find your phone if you dont know where it is -the phone will automatically lock when you are five feet away from it.-you can talk to anyone you want to without holding your phone.Cost:$199RELEASE DATE: Aldredy out

Emerging Technologies By: Sajitha J

Samsung Galaxy Gear Jet Black


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