Emergence of Romanticism And Movement to Classicism

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Emergence of Romanticism And Movement to Classicism

Classicism art was influenced by the greeks. This style of art was very restricted to creating thing with reason on thought.There wasn't very much expression. Classicism was the oldest european era for Art,music,and literature. This art was discussed as a formal way to express.

Romanticism art started in the 1800's and was freedom of expression. People painted their thoughts, visions and emotions. This art focused on individualence and love of nature. It celebrated the beauty of nature. During the romantiscm period some people didn't agree with the industrilization because they believed it caused pollution and damged cities and the planet. Not only was this era for painting but also music with famous composers like beethoven.

Emergence Of Romantiscm And Movement To Classicism Unit 3 (10.3.7)




During the classicism and romanticism eras there were many authors who were insprired by these times and wrote peoms and books on their beliefs and visions. People like William Blake, William Wordsworth, and Charles Dickens. William Blake and William Wordsworth wrote famous poems during the classicism era. Charles dickens was an author that wrote novels that focused on social criticism.

Social Criticism was also a form of art and expression and was influenced from romanticism and talked about the problems in society. Charles Dickens was a famous writer and social critic that discussed problems and suffering in the poor society. He even wrote a play called A Christmas Carol.

Social Critcism


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