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Emerenne Saefkow

ArtOne of my interests is art. Ever since I was young I loved drawing, painting and the occasional craft. I still enjoy it and I'm thinking about persuing it as a possible career choice

MusicMusic has played a very large roll in my life. My first instrument that I played was the piano. To this day I still play piano.I started playing tenor saxophone in grade 6 and 7, and then I started playing trumpet in grade 9. Right now I'm playing trumpet in concert band and tenor saxophone in jazz band. Recently I have picked up the ukulele and in the past have tried violin and guitar, but it didn't work out for me.

The BasicsMy full name is Emerenne Raja Saefkow, and I was born July 27th 2000 (Wich means that I'm 14 years old.)My mum is Joanne Campbell and my dad is Hans Saefkow. I have two older brothers. Teo, who is 20 years old, and Kristan, who will be 22 on the 13th of July. I also have two half siblings, Jackie and Mike.

Emerenne Saefkow

TheatreMy entire family has been involved in theatre. My mom acted when she was younger. Kristan was going to go into acting but he decided that he liked to write better. Both Teo and My dad have gone into theatre. My dad doesnt go on stage anymore but he konws how to do almot all of the techie jobs but he specializes in set design and building. He works at Theater North West as a set designer and scenic painter, and he works at the Della Herman Theatre as the technical director. Teo is currently going to Studio 58 (An acting school in Vancouver.) So I have been immersed in the theater for most of my life. I enjoy being a part of both the tech part and the acting part of theatre. I only started acting this year, but so far I think I like the tech part a little better. My favorite job that I have ever done, was being the assistant stage manager for a production of Spring Awakening that a group of actors from Victoria did. It was extreamly fun! I'm almost certainly going to do something in my life that involves theatre.

Spring Awakening

My Bedroom Mural

Thoroughly Modern Millie

"Silly Boy"

"Floopty Floop"

My HobbiesSome of my main hobbies include Rock climbing, playing music and making art. I started Rock climbing when I was 12 and learned many climbing techniques and how to belay fro my friend Heather Berry. I Realy like the physicality needed for rock climbing, the fact that it's not really a competitive sport and I like that it's a puzzle. I enjoy making art and music in my free time because it relaxes me and makes me feel better when I'm feeling down.


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