Emerald Tree Monitor

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Emerald Tree Monitor

The Magestic Emerald Tree Monitor

Emerald Tree monitors are 75-100 cm (30-39 in) long. They have a slender bodies that are a green/turquoise color

Emerald Tree monitors' diets consist of large tree-dwelling arthropods such as, katydids, stick bugs, and beetles.

An Emerald Tree monitor eating a cricket

Emerald Tree Monitors will only bite if they are cornered!

I am a reptile, and an Ectotherm!

Each year Emerald Tree monitors will lay 3 clutches of eggs, each clutch has 5 eggs. Each clutch is laid in a arboreal termite nests. The eggs will hatch in 5-6 months.

Emerald Tree Monitors are found in New Guinea and a few islands off Torres Strait

Emerald Tree Monitors are not venomous or poisonous. They can only harm you by biting you.

Emerald Tree Monitors breathe using their lungs

The Scientific name of an Emerald Tree Monitor is Varanus prasinus


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