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Emely R

temprate oceans

Animalsoctopuses: their bodies have less of a need for a skeleton. They have no bones ,allowing them to form their flexible bodies into endless diferent shapes and squeeze through tiny crevices. Arrowhead crabs: they live among the nooks and crannies of coral reefs. they use pincerlike claws to snip chunks of flesh off coral polyps and other animals.Sea slugs:bright colors are often a sighn of danger. the frilly skin of most sea slugs contain microscopic stings, stolen from the sea anemones on which the slugs prey.

Landthere are 3 seperate zones in the ocean. The tidal zone, the twilight zone, and the dark zone. The tidal zone: weather its rocky, muddy, or sandy, the zone between high tide and low tide is home to creatures that attach themselvs, burrow into the sediment ( broken down shells, rocks, and sand ) or scuttle on top. The twilight zone: Many open-ocean animals form tiny zooplankton to massive sharks hide in these dark depths during the day but visit the surface at night to feed. The dark zone: These are hunting grounds for squid, angler fish, and other marine animals that scientists know a little about.

PlantsSeaweeds: Often you may find seaweeds attached to rocks in cool shallow water. There are 3 different types-red,green, and brown-depending on the colored chemical used to trap light in photosynthesis. The biggest seaweeds are of the brown type and are called giant kelp. They are like under water trees , towering up from the sea floor to the surface with fronds as long as 100 meters ( 330 feet ). The smallest seaweeds, such as the bright green sea lettuce, are paper-thin. Other seaweeds, form a tufted or crusty covering on rocks. Large seaweeds have a tough time growing in shallow water, they have to resist the battering of waves and strong currents.KelpLots of animals live among seaweed or attached to it, although few animals eat live seaweed. Many more feed on the thin covering of green surface. There is a strange relationship between kelp and sea otters. Where sea otters live among the kelp, the kelp usally thrives, unless the water is polluted. But where sea otters are absent ( perhaps because of hunting or pollution realated disease ) , the kelp seems to go through a boom-and-bust cycle.SeagrassSeagrasses are the only flowering plants that live under water in the sea. They are true grasses with properstems, roots, leaves, and flowers. They grow best in clear, shallow water that has a soft bottom of nutrient-rich mud or sand. Where they grow well, they form large meadows that support many animals. Few animals can eat the tough leaves of sea grass, but many use the leaves as a floating platform.

ClimateThe dark zone is the coldest zone of the ocean, it is ( around 3 degrees celsius ) highly pressured. Oceans play a central role in earths climate.

Minerals of the Sea:The salt in saltwater is another valuable commodity. ever since people started farming and eating a lot of cereals and vegtables, they have used salt in their diet. people still gather salt by channeling sea water into shallow ponds where the sunshine turns the liquid to vapor, leaving all the salt behind.The Arctic Ocean:Even in summer, half the Arctic Ocean is coverd in sea ice much of it more than 3 meters ( 10 feet ) think. however global warming is significantly shrinking the amount of ice in both summers and winters. scientists fear that there will be ice free summers in the Arctic by 2030.Into the Abyss:The deepest point in the ocean in the Mariana trench-a vast canyon on the floor of the pacific ocean. i 1960, french man jacques piccard and american naval lieutenant Don of the Mariana Trench in a submersible called trieste. their craft consisted of a ball-shaped metal compartment slung below a submerine-shaped tank filled with gasoline, for buoyancy. After 5 hours, the craft touched bottom at 10.9 kilometers ( 6.8 miles ). The uncrewed remotely controlled Nereid explored the trench in 2009.



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