Embolus/Thrombus: Cerebral Circulation

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Embolus/Thrombus: Cerebral Circulation

Thrombus/Embolus: Cerebral Circulation (Stroke)

What is cerebral embolism?

Causes of ischemic stroke!

Signs/Symptomsoften silent, depending on the location of the affected vesselbriusing, tenderness or sorepain in regionswelling or rednessheadachedizziness chest painnumbness in arm or leg

Embolus: any detached, traveling intravascular mass (solid, liquid, or gas) carried by circulation throughout areas of the body.Thrombus: the formation of a blood clot inside of a blood vessel, that stops the flow of blood. thrombosis is often caused by plaque, air or fatty substances that are built up in the blood, but can be caused by head traumas and autoimmune disorders.

Diagnosismedical history and a physical examination including assessment of the airways and neurological exam to evaluate sensations and functions of the body. this helps determine the cause and location of the stroke. this can help the doctor find the severity of the problem by checking motor skills, vision and speaking skills. (blood tests, CT scan, ultrasound and MRI)

Preventiondon't smoke cigarretteslimit your salty and fatty intakemaintain a healthy and balanced dietexercise regularly wear seatbelts and helmets

Treatmentearly treatment minimizes brain tissue damagehemorrhagic stroke requires surgery (removal of the clot)mainly depends on the location and underlying cause of the strokerehabilitation and prevention of additional strokes

Prevention of Immobilityparalysis of usually one side of the body (left side)trouble speakingtrouble seeingloss of visiontrouble swallowingmemory loss trouble breathingurinary incontinencesexual dysfunctionsiezure/epilepsy



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