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email-william and kevin


By Kevin and William

An email address is a string of words with an "a"in the middle with a circle around it which is called "at".Before the "at" is the username and the part after the 'at' is the mail server for the particular user.

Email,which is also known as electronic mail was said to be never invented but instead an evolution of simple beginnings. It is said that it was developed by Ray Tomlinson and his team in the 1970's and Ray was the first one to click send and send an email.

This is the journey of an email after the sender clicks "send":The sender computer sends the email to his/her email server.The email server quickly sends the email to the recipients email server. The recipients email server receives the email and filters junk mail and stores the email whilst the email program of the recepient downloads it from the server and removes it.

Email has let us send electronic mails that are faster than normal mail. However, there has been forms of communication even better than email that have been invented such as skype which allows to see each other and more.

An example of an email is:



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