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elvis presley

The Starting of a New LifeHe wanted this whole life, having a family made his dreams come true! His feeling like the happiest man in the world! Elvis Aron Presley is now becoming a responsible loving and caring father for a beautiful daughter on February 1st 1968. Now he has a loving daughter and a wife, Priscilla Presley and his life is complete! When he walked in that hospital room looking at his new born daughter, Lisa Marie Presley and his wife feeling like she has EVERYTHING but soon she won't. He felt proud and didn't want to let go but he eventually did. Elvis ended up losing his attraction for Priscilla, eventually they got a lonely divorce leaving Priscilla feeling unhappy and unfulfilled and it would be a matter of time before someone stepped into her life to comfort her. Elvis Aron Presley was now wifeless, but not for long.

This was Elvis's last performance before he died 6 weeks after

Elvis's 1st performance on live Tv

Elvis Presley

Movie CareerBefore Elvis went to the Army he had a movie career along with his singing. But even before the Army he tried to earn enough savings for his movie dreams. When he finally did have earned enough savings he then bought a new house to get him started for him and his parents. Meanwhile Elvis completed his second movie, Loving You, for Paramount his dreams started over and over again when he did a movie. He felt great and famous when he did movies. His dreams were starting all over again like the day he started his singing career. But now he is starting a new life in Hollywood.

Getting SeriousWhen Elvis’s Parents wanted him to go to the Army this two-timing artist had to get his Greasy style put to the side and had to start getting serious with his work. Once he got in, he had to get a buzz cut and also Elvis had to sit through a “Talk to the Rights” and “Privileges of a Private” as well as getting his jabs for typhoid, tetanus, and Asian flu. He thought it was boring; he was picturing what it felt right there to perform in front of millions of fans and watching him have the time of his life. While doing his duty he did get to meet some too. This rock star genius is now at the top of his game.


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