Elvis Presley

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Elvis Presley

Elvis playing guitar

Young Elvis

"Before Elvis, there was nothing."- John Lennon

“ There have been contenders, but there is only one king.” –Bruce Springsteen

~A man named Sam Phillips heard him sing and thought he was talented~Phillips signed Elvis to a contract the next year. ~Elvis soon hired Tom Parker to be his manager. ~Parker planned for Elvis to have personal appearances to promote his first record. ~RCA Victor created contract and Elvis recorded more songs~His popularity slowly grew and he became a world-wide phenomenon~His first national hit in 1956 was "Heartbreak Hotel"~In 1956, he also became a best-selling musician~He was most popular with teenage girls because adults didn't approve of his dancing and style of singing

Elvis PresleyThe King of Rock and Roll

By Hadley and Brigid

~Elvis never performed outside the US except for Canada.~ Elvis bought Franklin Roosevelt’s presidential yacht.~ Elvis reportedly demanded 31 takes when recording his song, Hound Dog.~Elvis recorded over 600 songs but didn't write any of them~Elvis died in the bathroom of Graceland

~Elvis Presley grew up in Tupelo, MS ~His family didn't have much money ~Elvis's parents could no longer pay their bills and were forced to move to Nashville, TN~ He graduated in 1953 ~Went to Sun Record Company to make a record as a gift for his mom.

Fun Facts!!!

Family and Childhood

Elvis takes off

~In 1958, Elvis was drafted into the army ' stationed in Germany~This is where he met his future wife, Priscilla Beaulieu~When he returned, he bought a mansion called Graceland ~Parker kept working to expand Elvis's career. Elvis went on tour that appeared around the country~Elvis wasn't home much, and he divorced in 1973~Elvis began to lose happiness~He began doing drugs and his poor eating habits didn't help~In 1977, he died in the bathroom at Graceland


Later Life

Elvis was known for his looks

Elvis's dance moves were considered strange

Elvis Presley changed how the world viewed music, dancing, and personal style


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