Elvis Presley by lydia potts finle copy 2

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Elvis Presley by lydia potts finle copy 2

Dear diary,It's me Elvis Presley, it's hard to think about where i started out, a boy who grew up poor, to a man with riches. I made rock-n-roll history, i got married, had a baby girl. After Priscilla and my divorce, and Priscilla got custody of Lisa Marie, my life started to fall apart. I started relying on precription drugs i got form my doctor, and did not care about my health. When I was on top I stared in box office movie hits and won three grammy award, and I had gold platinum records. I had a hard life growing up, my family did not have much money and we did what we could to get by. My mother ment a lot to me, it crushed me when she died. I was excused form the Army to visit the funaral. I was sas for a while, thats when I wanted to do good for others. I helped people with their hospile bills, give people money to pay off their debts, and bought homes for others and did it all quietly. It made me feel better to help out people who needed it, I guess my life is not as bad as I thought but i am going to keep playing my dream of music. - Elvis Presley



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