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Eluveitie's band members are Nicole Ansperger (fiddle), Rafael Salzmann (guitar), Chrigrel Glanzmann (vocals, mandolin, and bagpipes), Merlin Sutter (drums), Anna Murphy ( hurdygurdy, vocals, and flute), Ivo Henzi (guitar), Kay Brem (bass), and Patrick Kistler (bagpipes).

Their albems are Every Thing Remains (As It Never Was), Evocation 1: The Aracne Domination, Helvetios, Slania, Spirit, The Early Years, and Ven.

Anna Murphy

(Anna is my favorite!)

Anna was born in August 10, 1989. She is from Glasgow, in the United Kingdoms. She plays the hurdygurdy and sings. She has begun to release a few solo albums.

Nicole Ansperger

Nicole Ansperger was born in 1981 Stuttgart, Germany. She plays the fiddle.

Chrigel Glanzmann was born in 1975, Basal, Switzerland. He does some of the band's vocals, and also plays the mandolin, bagpipes, and whistle.

Rafael Salzmann was born in 1986 Lucerne, Switzerland. He plays the guitar.

Chrigel Glanzmann

Rafael Salzmann

Patrick Kistler was born in 1975 and was born in Switzerland. He plays the bagpipes and whistles.

Merlin Sutter was born in 1986, on Septemeber 21st, in Zurich, Switzerland. He plays the drums.

Merlin Sutter

Ivo Henzi

Ivo Henzi was born in 1983 in Switzerland. He plays the guitar.

Patrick Kistler

OriginEluveite formed in 2002. They began to play music in Zurich, Switzerland.

Genres:Folk metal, melodic death metal, celtic metal, and pagan metal.


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