ELT goes to the movies

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ELT goes to the movies

Have Fun with Films in the English Lesson!Compared with other teaching tools: audio tapes, CDs, textbooks, and the basicblackboard, films are a relatively new option for the language teacher. In the last twentyyears or so, films have become a more widely available teaching aid, although itspenetration into everyday classroom practice and course/syllabus design has not been asdeep as many had anticipated.For the past several decades, teachers have been continually trying to exploit andmanipulate video to enhance classroom teaching and language learning.However, I have noticed disappointment among some teachers who feel that thistechnology has not lived up to their own expectations as the learning gadget of the future. Acloser analysis, however, reveals one underlying problem: many teachers have had littletraining in using films for language teaching purposes, and in some cases, have resorted toa "push-the-button-and-watch" teaching methodology. Specifically, we teachers often relytoo heavily on the video to teach, stimulate interest, and enhance comprehension withoutfocused and controlled teacher involvement in preparing students to receive the message.Thus, we sometimes attribute any failure to low student motivation, poor film quality, orequipment, not to the way we are actually using the video. All too often, we then abandonour newly-purchased machines or relegate them to an entertaining or novelty role, with littlefocus on language teaching. In other words, the essential obstacle to improved teachinghas been that educators have been unaware of the real amount of work involved inimplementing video technology in language teaching. What are the advantages of using a film session in our lessons?- Spontaneous conversation- Register: focus on attitude, expression, posture and environment-. Mixture of language and gestures (combination of situational language)- Two types of language exploitation a. Language generated bythe screenb. Language generated by the classabout what happens on the screen- Short sequences can be selected, scenes can be run at a slow pace, frozenand run many times if it is necessary- Successful language stimulus- Fosters cross-cultural education




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