EL/SPED StoryBoard - EDEL 434 - Becky and Shazia

by BeckyJatczak
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EL/SPED StoryBoard - EDEL 434 - Becky and Shazia

Multiple Modalities:Expressing Understanding in Many Ways


Informal Conversation

Case Against Mono-Modalities with EL and SPED Students~Prevents students from having confidence in their abilities~Keeps content from being meaningful and accessible~Makes students anxious in the classroom which can hinder their comprehension

Benefits for ELs and SPED Students~Allows students to express their knowledge and understanding in multiple ways that capitalize on their individual strengths~Students will feel more confident in their abilities because they will be more comfortable with the means of assessment~Makes content meaningful and accessible~Maintains focus on language development and content~Lowers affective filter~Can help reinforce information for ALL students



Voice/Video Recording

Benefits low-language ability students

Benefits visual and kinesthetic learners

Benefits oral learners and those with low reading/writing abilities

Benefits visual and kinesthetic learners

Benefits orally strong studens who struggle with reading/writing

"Why Adopt a Multimodal Approach?"- Gunther Kress



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