Elly My True Story Of The Holocaust

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by MadisonGilmore
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Elly My True Story Of The Holocaust

CharactersElly Mother (Irina)Father (Eugean)Adalbert (Brother)GrandmotherCousins (Violet and Eva)Dr. MengeleSS Soldiers

By: Madison Gilmore

EllyMy True Story of the Holocaust

Elly was faced with prejudice when she was walking down the street people spit on her and called her a "Dirty Jew" becasue she was Jewish. She probably felt sad, mad, and unwanted.

When Elly got home she found her home empty, with strangers living in it, how would you act/feel if you discovered you home like that? I would feel scared and lonely.

This is the only picture of Elly that survived the Holocaust

Elly's mother and father both died during the Holocaust. Her father was burned to death in a forced labor camp in the spring of 1943, and her mother and brother were murdered at the arival of Auschwitz-II/Birkenau

I think Elly waited so long to tell her story was because it brought back bad memories. I think she finally told her story because it needed to be known by people who didn't know about what happened.


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