ELLs and Mathematics

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ELLs and Mathematics

ELLs and Mathematics:

Challenges ELLs Face

Challenges Mathematics Teachers Face

*Vocabulary*Limited prior knowledge and/or background knowledge*Cultural differences*Linguistics*Polysemous words (ex. difference, addition) (Vocabulary Stragegies for the Mathematic Classroom)

QUICK FACTS * Hispanic youth stood at nearly 30%, about four times the dropout rate of their White counterparts (National Center for Education Statistics,2005).*According to Freeman and Crawford, "Mathematics involves two main types of language, the language of words (hypotenuse, scale) and the languageof symbols (> [greater than], variables such as n or x, etc.), symbols that are sometimes different in different countries (e.g., divide can be shown as ÷ or /)" (2008).

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Watch this video about an ELL student and his Math class

Facing the Challenges

*Make vocabulary part of the lessonAccording to Dr. David Chard, "Preteaching vocabulary in the mathematics classroom removes cognitive barriers that prevent children from grasping new content. When taught only at point-of-use, vocabulary words are often lost or misunderstood as elementary mathematics students focus on learning new procedures (2010).

*Think Alouds Step by step verbalization of math steps

*Think Pair Share

*Graphic Organizers

Is it really a problem?*46% of fourth grade ELL students scored "below basic" according to Richard Fry of the Pew Research Center. (Fry, 2007)*Two-thirds (71%) of 8th grade ELL students scoring below basic. (Fry 2007)

ELL Students represent a growing number of the student population in a classroom. It is important to understand the impact the challenges ELL students face, the issues that mathematic teachers face, and solutions that teachers can use to help develop their students into proficent math students.


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