Ellis Island

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Ellis Island

Ellis Island

History & FactsName: Ellis IslandLocation: New York City harbor, right by the Statue of Liberty Years: 1892-1954How it worked: Immigrants from all over the world took ships to Ellis Island. They would have to go through medical tests, legal tests, and mental tests before they could start their life in America.Facts: Women and children had to wait for a husband or relative to pick them up and over 250,000 people weren't allowed to pass through and were sent home.

The United States is known as a "melting pot" of cultures. This means that we have many different people here who come from all different places - just like in our classroom! Learning to accept others for their differences is very important and Ellis Island is the place where a lot of our country's cultures came together.

Why is this important?

What is Immigration?Immigration is when people from another country decide to permanently move to a new country. These people are known as immigrants.

Did You Know?40% of Americans had relatives pass through Ellis Island!

Thinking Question: Why would someone want to leave their home and move to another country? What would be some of their reasons for that?

Interactive tour of Ellis Island

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Grade 4I. Industrial growth and expansion II. Immigration and migration


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