Ellis Island

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Ellis Island

A Child's Journey Through Ellis Island click here

Arrival on steamship

Immigrant children

Immigrant Eye Exam

Journey Through Ellis Island

Virtual Tour through Ellis Island

The year 2015 marks the 125th anniversary of Ellis Island as an immigration station. On a typical day, immigrants arriving on the island could expect to spend up to seven hours in processing activities intended to determine whether or not they were legally and medically fit to enter the United States. Imagine yourself as a child traveling through Ellis Island in 1892. How would you describe your experience to your cousin who has never heard of Ellis Island?

Ashes of Roses is about a girl who was one of the many people that made the long journey to wonderous land of America. Through the harsh living conditions of the boat, she is very relieved when they arrive at Ellis Island. The hard times getting to the island are made even more difficult when Rose's baby brother is deemed unworthy to enter the United States of America

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