Ellis Island

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Ellis Island

This is the Kudrna Family, one of the stories of Ellis Island. This picture shows Frank Kudrna's wife and his two children he had to leave behind during World War 1

Ellis Island was one of the most active immigration sites for people coming out of refugee. Over 12 million immigrants traveled to Ellis Island. Many people saw this island as an “Island of Hope.” They called it that because they thought it was a fresh start and they could have more opportunities in this “world”. Others saw it as an “Island of Tears”- as a place where families were separated and denied entry into the country.

Ellis IslandBy: Sriya Guda

Barnett Chadekel lived with his wife and three children. He owned as glass factory and used to be in the Czar’s army. In 1909, the Chadekel family was forced to flee the country because of a vicious massacre against Jews. In the 17th century, the higher monarchs restricted Jews of specific trade making and crafts, which included glass making. The family had no way of life because the Chadekel’s owned a glass works. They had to travel elsewhere and traveling under Chann’s maiden name, his wife, the family reached Hamburg, Germany. Later, they bought a small farm in a bungalow colony in upstate NY.

Katherine Stollmayer left Arad, Hungary to join her older brother in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Her brother placed a housework-wanted ad in a local newspaper and Katherine was soon hired to a wealthy family as a governess. She stayed with the family for 14 years until she was to be married to another Arad native.

After Walter Hayter’s family died in 1909, Walter left England for the United States feeling it as his responsibility to help his mother and 12 siblings. Shortly after he got there he found a job at a Michigan farm and was soon able to get his 3 sisters and brother out of Ellis Island hospital that have fallen ill and sick during their voyage. Soon the entire family was able to settle in America

Diab Catoni Thomas emigrated from Lebanon to the U.S. in 1892. Mtein flourished in the 18th century since the silk industry made a great rise in textile factories. Diab worked for 9 years peddling dry goods in Virgina, and then after he returned to Lebanon where he married Mary Ramah and then had 2 children. Mary originally worked in one of the 7 textile factories in Lebanon. After her father broke his back when she was 9 or 10 years old, she and the children immigrated to the U.S. in 1907. When the family settled in Virginia, Diab successfully opened a general store. Diab died in Mullens in 1971 at the age of 103.

Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty both show some symbol of freedom. Kaylee's glog talks about the Statue's founders and Anna's glog talks about the meanings behind the Statue of Liberty.


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