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Ellis Island- Wilkes Media

Digital Storytelling

Essential Question:What makes America a melting pot?Guiding Question:What do you think it was like to give up everything and move to an unknown place?

As you all have learned, the United States of America has been known as a "Meltingpot". People from all over the world come to live, work, and enjoy what America has to offer. The goal for this activity is to understand the happiness, hardships, and perseverence of yout ancestors.


The Story of us ...

Why ?

Read Chapter 14 about the factors that lead to people leaving their homelands and moving to New York City.

In Your Textbook

Click HereTo listen to first hand accounts from those who passed through Ellis Island.

A) Listen to several oral stories from the Ellis Island FoundationHERE B) Create a 1 page flyer to encourage people to move to the United States. Include information and ideas your learned from your text book and that you heard in oral narrations. C) Take the online assessment in Schoolnet. Code: IslandD) Write a 1 paragraph response answering the following question.Should we continue to allow immigrants into our country?

Watch this video about Ellis Island

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