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Ellie Goulding

Elena Jane Goulding Date of birth:December 30, 1986 (27 years) Place of birth:Hereford, England Genres:Indie-pop, electropop, synthpop, elektrofolk

Never likely to be one of those singers who is content just to turn up, lay down a main vocal part and leave, Ellie’s approach to writing and recording is, she admits, borderline obsessive – but then, anything less, she says, would be a waste of time.

Ellie’s success in America – her single, Lights, is still an immovable fixture in the upper reaches of the Billboard Hot 100 chart, after 35 weeks – has been another experience she finds it hard to describe. America has clearly got under her skin. “They embrace everything,” Ellie says. “They’ll take your biggest fault and turn it into something positive. And the work ethic in music over there isn’t like anything I’ve ever known. You get back to your hotel at one in the morning and someone will contact you and go, ‘Do you want to come over to the studio?’. So over you go, and there’s Swedish House Mafia and Skrillex there, and will.I.am in the next-door studio. Everyone’s just hanging out, making music.”

A - Hereford,England

Ellie Goulding

As her debut album, Lights, made so thrillingly clear, Ellie Goulding uses her voice as a texture in much the same way that a skilled instrumentalist would. It is a sound – in Ellie’s case, an utterly distinctive and unforgettable one – that can play as important a role in her songs as any other musical detail.

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