Ellen Ochoa

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Ellen Ochoa

Early LifeEllen Ochoa was born on May,10th 1958 in Los Angeles ,California. She was always a good student. At age 13 she won the San Diego Spelling Bee.Ellen also won the Outstanding 7th and 8th grader.

Ellen Ochoa

Family LifeEllen Ochoa was offered a four-year scholarship to Stanford University. Standford is a large school in northern California with a great reputation.Ellen knew that attending Standford would be a great asset to her future. However, even with the scholarship thier were additional expenses that her family couldn't afford.So she went to San Diego State University.

3 Interesting Facts-Worked as a flute teacher during college -Married to Coe Fulmer Miles-She doesn't know spanish but still is Hispanic

Major Accomplishment Ellen Ochoa was the first Hispanic female astronaut in space

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